Kanyaro House is situated in a magic land, in Moldovenești,Cluj county, seat of the commune with the same name, situated between the Transylvanian Plain and the Trascău Mountains, belonging to the Metallic Mountains of the Arieș Valley.

Moldovenești is one of the oldest medieval Transylvanian villages, first mentioned in 1075, in a diploma speaking about the ”fortress bearing the name of Turda”/ castrum quod vocatur Turda. În 1291, the village is again mentioned, this time unde the name Turdavar/Fortress Turda. The proof that the two are the same is given by another document, from 1394, mentioning the village under the name Turdavar alias Varfalava/ Turda Fortress or the Fortress Village.

The village Moldovenești belonged until 1876 to the Szekely Seat of Arieș, in existence since the 13th century. After 1918, the village got its modern name, after the name of one of the most famous of its inhabitants, Ioan Micu Moldovan, Greek-Catholic priest, historian, philologist and teacher, member of the Romanian Academy and president of the ASTRA society between 1894-1901.

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